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Pure Yucca Schidigera Dry Extract

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Bulk Manufacturers Concentrate Yucca Liquid Supplement.  Pure Natural Yucca Schidigera Liquid Extract. For Re-packaging and private label applications

Status: U.S Food and Drug Administration as a natural food adjuvant under Title 21 CFR 172.510, FEMA 3121. Organic production* under 7 U.S.C 605 and N.O.P.205.602. Exempt from the requirement of a tolerance as specified in 40 CFR 180.1001

Free of Any Added Chemicals or Preservatives  

Yucca (as Yucca Schidigera) natural mechanical 

PURE YUCCA LIQUID EXTRACT - Free of any chemical preservatives 

Storage: Keep in a cool dry location. The container should be kept closed when not in use. Exposure to high humidity and temperature is not recommended.

Available Bulk Packaging:

Bulk Food Grade

Available In: 2 kg-4.4 pounds plastic reuseable jugs and 20 kg / 44 pound lined fiber kegs 

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Nutriteck Dietary Supplements Research and Development Research References and Educational Information 

Yucca contains natural steroidal-like saponins that are effective anti-inflammatories and anti-spasmodics which are known to reduce pain associated with arthritis.

Yucca schidigera has been used for years by the Southwestern Indians for pain and inflammation caused by arthritis and rheumatism. It is also said to reduce joint inflammation and has been used with success for allergies and to strengthen the immune system.

Yucca Plant Saponin in the Treatment of Hypertension and Hypercholesterolemia. With D.H. Harris, M.D. and Tom Laga, Ph. D. Journal of Applied Nutrition. Vol. 30, No. 3 & 4, 1978.

Rheumatoid Disease, Has One Investigator Found its Cause and Cure? Modern Medicine: 38-47, February 15, 1976

 Relieves Osteoarthritis
 Rheumatoid Arthritis
 Restores Joint Mobility Pain 
 Prevents Crippling and Deformity 

New and Effective Approaches to the Prevention and Treatment of Arthritis.  Journal of Applied Nutrition, Vol. 28, Winter 1976.
Arthritis News Today. A monthly newsletter for patients who have arthritis and for their physicians. 1979-1982.
Fight Back Against Arthritis. Book - In press. 1982.
The Treatment of Active Rheumatoid Arthritis and Allied Inflammatory Disease with Esterene (benzoyl ecgonine). With Lowell M. Somers, M.D. Reprint of paper presented at the 15th International Congress of Pheumatology, Paris, France. June 26, 1981.
Journal of the American Medical Association, 127:188-212, 1944. Painful Feet - Congenital insufficiency of the first metatarsal as a cause in soldiers recently inducted into the Army.  At the orthopedic clinic in Camp Van Dorn, Mississippi, the Morton syndrome was found to be a cause of disabling symptoms and correctable by special insoles.


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